Our firm is a technologically advanced Organization, which has been involved in activities related to new technologies since its establishment in 1965. It has acquired appropriate equipment, has developed integrated software applications and has applied state-of –the-art techniques in the Analysis, Management, Design, Assessment and Evaluation of Building and Infrastructure Projects, as well as in Engineering and Management Consulting.


Since 1965, we have mainly provided the following services for Building and Infrastucture Projects in the Private and in the Public Sector:

• Full Project/ Construction Management Services

• Property Development Services

• Project Appraisal and Evaluation / Due diligence Services

• Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Studies

• Monitoring/Management of the Planning and permitting process

• Contract Management

• Preliminary Studies / Project brief

• Architectural and Engineering Studies

• Design Management and Control

• Scheduling and Cost Control

• Preparation of Tender Documents for Design, Construction and Equipment

• Supervision

• Quality Control

• Project Commissioning

• Management – support to the maintenance procedure of the spaces and the equipment

• Financial Management for Projects financed by the European Union.


Project Quality and Client Satisfaction are key components of our stratedy. Our philosophy concentrates on process improvement, teamwork, technology adaptation and continuous training to achieve client satisfaction, cost effectiveness and defect-free quality work. We constantly try to provide each Project Team with tools and know-how that are necessary for the qualitative and successful completeness of the project.