Our Organization was established in 1965 under the title “HELLINOTECHNIKI-N.H.PANDIS”, as an independent Engineering Office providing Project Management, Architectural, Engineering and Supervision services for Building and Infrastructure Projects. In 1991, the legal status of our organization changed to Societe Anonyme and the company “HELLINOTECHNIKI S.A. –ENGINEERING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, INFORMATION SYSTEMS” was established. HELLINOTECHNIKI is a registered member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and of the Hellenic Association of Consulting Offices (HELASCO).


“One-stop-shop” services for development project’s in the building sector.

We provide owner’s representation for real estate projects through the provision of all required project/construction management, design and engineering services, throughout the project life, from due diligence and evaluation phase up to support during operation phase.

We put structured and up-to-date information on all key factors at the client’s disposal, aimed at guaranteeing the procurement of the project according to the client’s business plan. We offer ongoing support through all the project phases, together with support and advice to help the project move forward whilst guaranteeing all technical aspects in the process.

The continuous activity of the company for almost 50 years comes as a result of the successful combination of experience and younger generation.


Our Organization is staffed with staff of broad engineering, managerial, financial, legal and technological education, experience and culture. At the same time, our Organization co-operates with an extended national and international network of Consultants and Experts, who participate in our Project Teams according to the Project needs. Our deep knowledge of the Local Market, our long-term experience, our participation in large and complex projects and our consistent business orientation offers us the opportunity to maintain an extensive network of experienced and specialized local consultants.